Phoenix was the code-name for Deja ][, a specialized emulator designed to run AppleWorks (Classic) on a Macintosh.

Deja ][ was originally published in 1995 and later, the source code was made available.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to update Deja ][ for the new millennium. Plus, Howard was egging me on.

And so comes Phoenix, the Rebirth.

Join me on this journey and let the nostalgia begin!

4 Replies to “Introduction”

  1. I for one am very much looking forward to running AW on my powerbook! Under it’s old incarnation of Deja ][ I used the program quite a bit. I was the Township Clerk for our local….township (a unit of government in several but not all states.) I used a PowerBook 5300, and ran Deja ][ under OS 8, and took all meeting notes using it. I uploaded the file via ftp to a workspace on my ISP (usually via wireless at a free hotspot), downloaded it to my Apple //e, booted AppleWorks 5.1, cleaned up and fleshed out the report, and then printed it out on a laser printer. Yes, I could have used a Mac-specific way of doing this, but I still prefer AW for most of my work. And I can honestly say that I’m pretty sure that out of the 1400+ townships in my State, I was the only Clerk still using AppleWorks for meeting minutes. 🙂

    Thanks, Mark–I’m looking forward of running this on my OS X powerbook!!


  2. Talk about bringing back memories (not to mention that scary picture of us)!

    This is going to make AppleWorks crazy fast–maybe you can make the old “Apple ][ Forever” slogan come true.

  3. Randy–we’re doing our best: KFest is still going on, and this year will be at Rockhurst Univ. in Kansas City. ( I for one want to keep my Apple II usage going for as long as possible. 🙂


  4. I’m the last five years I’ve written two theses, averaging 120 pages in length each. The first thesis was produced entirely in AppleWorks 5, and every chapter of the second one began in AW5, though this time I needed Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat to create the final document.

    Regardless, no piece of writing goes through my hands, whether its mine or someone else’s, on the way to being published without having a layover in AW5 at some point in the composition or revision process. More options of how to do that on the Macintosh would be much appreciated.

    Best of luck, and thank you for everything!


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