Even though the code-name is “Phoenix, the Rebirth”, there is still a need to come up with name/version for the final product.

Would it be?

“Deja ][ 2.0”
“Deja ][ vX”
“Deja ][ 10.0”
“Deja ][ X”

No, no, no, no. After much contemplation, the name I went with is:

“Deja //x”

Much like Apple ][ became Apple //e, Deja ][ becomes Deja //x. The “//” hints at the more modern variation and the “x” suggests Mac OS X support.

3 Replies to “Product-name”

  1. It was implied at Kfest 2006 today that you would release a product that would on pc as well. That would be great. I used to own DejaII for mac but no longer have a mac

  2. A miscommunication,apparently. It was mentioned that it’ll be released as a Universal product – for PPC and Intel macs. (sleep depravation and lack of caffeine affects everyone at Kfest. 🙂 )

  3. Ugh! For some reason, the fact that // are path separators somehow escaped me.

    So I may need to get creative in how the application filename is displayed.

    One possibility is to use some Unicode characters that are very similar.

    Another is to use the simpler “Deja IIx”.

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