Our own Time Machine?

This week there was a lot of talk about Time Machine. Of course, we’re doing our own variation of “time machine” with Deja IIx.

Unfortunately, while at WWDC, I had a hard drive mishap which wiped out my drive. I didn’t lose any critical data (it is all sitting backuped up at home), but it left me without code to play with during the week. Such is life. As they say in the world of physics when talking about theoretical time machines, you can only travel back as far in time as when the time machine was created.

Before all my data was wiped, I did manage to find the compiler problem that kept causing weirdnesses with the endianness (are there enoungh ness’s now?) with the emulator. And I managed to retain that info (it is a one line fix).

And theoretically, if all we saw at the Keynote is true, not only could Deja IIx due some fancy, very unnecessary graphical animations, but it could be a 64-bit app. Imagine your AppleWorks desktop reading 40GB of free space. Of course, I’m kidding – there is no benefit to the Deja IIx project to use 64-bit, but it is a big step for OS X (it is one of those things that requires a huge amount of engineering, is perfect for a relatively small group of people, but the majority won’t notice any difference).

2 Replies to “Our own Time Machine?”

  1. Don’t worry about a 40 gig desktop, Mark. We’ll be prefectly happy with just a 10 gig one. 🙂

    Sounds like the “rebirth” is coming along–Thanks!!!

  2. I believe the limit on 32-bit address space allows 4GB of addressable memory, so I’ll have to disappoint there. 🙂

    64-bit adds 4 BILLION times that amount, but when you’re still bank switching 48K at a time just to run, it doesn’t do much good. 🙂

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