Deja IIx goes beta!

Santa — all I want for Christmas is a beta release.

All the features are in and most things now work, so I’m officially changing the designation from alpha to beta.

This release adds the big missing feature — printing. I wrote a TimeOut Mac Print Setup app to configure your printer. There are three different results you can get from printing.

Mac Printer – this prints through the Mac print architecture. The result is printed paper or PDF (if you so choose).

RTF Clipboard – this takes the print results and copies it to the clipboard.

Save to RTF – this takes the print results and allows you to save them to an RTF file.

The new Deja IIx Printer supports Bold, Underline, Superscript, Subscript, Italic (SC1/SC2) and Strikethrough (SC3/SC4). There is a mechanism for mapping characters per inch to actual Mac fonts and size. And you can specify different font/size mappings depending on the final results — so you can have one set of font mapping for printing and another when copying the results to the clipboard and even another when saving it to a file.

You can look at Deja IIx-PrinterCodes.plist in the Deja IIx support folder. I’m still working on an interface to allow you to edit these more easily — but that’s definitely a beta thing.

Latest Release: Deja IIx 2.0b1

2 Replies to “Deja IIx goes beta!”

  1. As Darth Vader would say – “Most impressive!”

    Thank you for your continued work on this project, Mark! I’m looking forward to trying the beta.

  2. WooHoo!!

    Printing! What a Solsichrismakwanzukah present! (I don’t think I missed anyone, did I? 🙂 )

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