Shaking off the Winter Blues

OK, so a few changes since the end of last year:

1. Deja IIx has changed homes. Formerly under the Puppy Dog Software banner, it is now part of unmarkedLabs.

2. The version numbering has changed. Rather than “b” this and “b” that, I’m using build numbers.

3. You can now print to RTF and specify the monospaced font and size to use.

4. Fixed a bug in reading directories where an entry could be left out, causing all sorts of havock.

5. Finally, Deja IIx compensates for some file typing issues that can occur when moving files between Apple II / Mac environment. Specifically, sometimes files are not given the correct auxtype.

This can be a huge problem in the case of TimeOut apps and AW Inits. Starting with build 106, Deja IIx now sets the auxtype (if not already set) if the name starts with a “TO.” or “I.” to insure they are recognized.

Deja IIx 2.0 (106)