The Phoenix Rises… Again

It is very appropriate that the Deja IIx (aka Deja ][) project is code-named “Phoenix”. Just when you thought it was gone, it rises from the ashes once more.

A few of the to dos:

  • Move blog to its own domain:
  • Convert to 64-bit
  • Remove use of deprecated APIs
  • Improve performance
  • Update user experience
  • Support for macOS 10.15+
  • Add new features

The code hasn’t been touched in years, which presents its own challenges. The compiler is very unhappy (luckily, just warnings), it doesn’t support any of the modern language features which makes developing a lot easier.

Don’t hold your breath just yet. Deja IIx remains very much a side project, a labor of love. I can’t predict the how fast it will come along. but I will aim for spending an hour or two a week on it whenever I can.

Let me know in the comments how far back (older versions of OS X) you want me to try and support. Of course, I can’t make any promises.