The Eleventh Hour

Several changes have been made to Deja IIx (2.0a11).

  • New Preference Window – UI for preferences revamped
  • New Preference – AppleWorks location allows you to specify where APLWORKS.SYSTEM resides
  • New Preference – ProDOS Path Labels allow you to use #labels to specify starting point for ProDOS paths
  • Debugger – added screen dump option
  • Disk Volume support – should now work better in specifying disk volumes
  • Scrolling – display should work, although still slower than I would like
  • Performance – performance should be much better. I would like to get feedback if it is not the case.
  • Focus – AppleWorks window now grays itself out when it is not active
  • Launch – AppleWorks window changes when Application launches

Download: Deja IIx (Version 2.0a11)

The changes should make Deja IIx much more usable. There are plenty of features still not there (printing support, clipboard support, snapshots), but most of the main AppleWorks features should now be working. If you encounter bugs, please let me know so that they can be tracked.