Lucky Thirteen

I realized that I’ve been sitting on the clipboard conversion code for some time. I apparently put the code in right after I posted a12 and then thought that it was actually part of a12. So here is a new version that includes clipboard conversion support.

What’s New:

  • manual clipboard conversion support for Mac <-> AppleWorks
    (sorry no auto conversions yet)
  • a new actions palette
  • improved save screen handling (Ultra Debugger)
  • support for an illegal Prodos (but legal Mac) name in path for /*/
  • additional cleanup on the Mac specific dot commands

New Version: Version 2.0a13

3 Replies to “Lucky Thirteen”

  1. Does anyone else have problems with setting preferences under d2_a13? D2_a12 works OK, but a13 does not on PowerPC OS X Panther (10.3.9).

    I have notified Mark, but I wonder if he trying to fix a 1-user problem?


  2. Yes, I’m having some problems with Preferences with d2_a13 running under 10.3.9… The Preferences shows the icons, but none of the preferences so I can’t see anything to change.

    As a side note, I have an issue with some stuff not showing up in a window with Sweet16. It doesn’t seem to be exactly the same as I can get the stuff to show up in Sweet16 if I cover the window, but the same doesn’t happen in d2.

    Greg B.

  3. Oh, I should mention that the preferences do work just fine for me under d2_a12 so I managed to set some preferences and then go back to trying d2_a13.


    Greg B.

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