Inching closer to a real release

Deja IIx continues to inch ever closer to a final release. Beta 6 addresses some file issues, namely the disappearance of file 13.

As a bonus (and we all like bonuses), Deja IIx now handles aliases in the ProDOS Volumes folder. This means you can (once again) store your files wherever you want. Just create an alias to the folder (or volume) and place it in the ProDOS Volumes folder (inside the Deja IIx folder). Presto – AppleWorks will see it.

The only major outstanding issues are related to printing. Printing (to a Mac printer) is still in a state of flux, so please try not to count on the functionality just yet. I’m working on getting the Mac printer pagination to match AppleWorks’ pagination.

Latest release: Deja IIx 2.0b6

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  1. Was wondering how stable this thing is. I have not gotten OS X, or as friends have called it Vista for the Mac, since as far as I knew I could not run Deja II on it. The version I have of deja II boughtmany years ago is somewhat flakey on OS 9. I have discovered it tends to not start up if it is not the first programme launched. I only bougt a Mac powerbook so I could use Appleworks on the road! The Apple IIGS is after all not designed for portability,. although I now also use the MAc for Internet access- msomething the GS is not real good at either.

    I have written a 1000 page book- that was published with Appleworks (even used it to produce camera ready pages for printing!) and continue to use it for a second book I amworking on and running a small business!

    Although to be honest I still seem to prefer Appleworks version 3, i would be nice if there was an easy way to transfer DB files between it an 4 & 5.

    How much will this one cost and is there an upgrade price?

  2. First, I don’t think OS X is anything like Vista.

    I won’t say it is perfect – but it pretty stable. The main issues I’m working on now are printing to a mac printer and documentation.

    I changed the designation to beta when I felt it was stable enough to actually start using it for real.

    There may still be some bugs lurking around, but I’m not aware of any major ones at the moment.

    Unfortunately, AppleWorks 5.1 is required because the patching done in Deja IIx depend on the locations in AW5.1.

    Deja IIx is not commercial software. It is donation-ware. You are free to use it, but we also encourage you to make a donation (upper right corner of blog) to continue development if you like the app.

    Please note: Deja IIx is side-project of mine. My day job is running unmarked software, where I develop and publish Mac software.

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