TextSoap 6 is finally out the door and with the exception of a few ancillary issues, things are starting to settle down.

I’m working on a couple site changes for Deja IIx and hope to get the builds started again just in time for the holidays.

Stay tuned.


  1. Mark,

    I’ve used almost every product you and Randy came up with back to the Beagle Bros days. You two allowed me to keep going with classic Appleworks long after Apple withdrew support. Unfortunately all the new Macs do not support classic mode so I left my various versions of Appleworks and Deja ][ on 3.5″ floppys and moved on. I still have two macs running 10.3.9 (with classic support). Any way I can get the Appleworks files off the 3.5″ floppies and onto the Macs so I can use Deja IIx?

  2. Any hints about what the next changes will have Mark? It’s been fun doing my WP in DejaIIX and then importing it to something else to pretty it up.

    Docperc: If you can get access to an older Mac that will read 800k disks (like an LCII for example), you can get the ProDOS extension, copy the files to the Mac HD, and then mail the AppleWorks file to yourself, and then open them on a “newer” Mac. That’s what I did. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Anon. I’m looking for an older Mac or a working Unidisk drive or another drive that a Mac will recognize that reads 800 K disks but no luck so far. Essentially, I need to reload Appleworks classic to be able to use Deja IIx. Any other work arounds?

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