Progress continues on Phoenix 2, but it is a much bigger project than I originally envisioned.

Obviously the file system is an important piece as AppleWorks cannot even load itself without it. Deja ][ relied on a native ProDOS emulation which actually reads the files via the Mac OS in response to the ProDOS commands. This allows files to simply reside on the Mac OS hard drive (no funky disk images to deal with). This will continue.

Unfortunately, the ProDOS support code needed a major overhaul. Most of the Mac OS system routines used by Phoenix are now deprecated. I’m now in the process of revamping all the Prodos file handling code to use the more modern OS X APIs.

This brings us one step closer to the first AppleWorks Classic launch under Phoenix 2.

One Reply to “ProDOS”

  1. I have been using Deja2 ,since 1996,my experience is that it is the easiest way to access
    old AW8 files-and continue work with them-
    On Mac OS 9 ,I have recently partially automated
    Deja2 with Applescript & PreFab utility-
    Go ahead ,if it is possible !
    even , Deja2 ,works perfectly under Classic9 &
    Mac OS X –
    Jean-Pierre Busquet

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