Moonbase Alpha

Well, here is your first chance to see Deja IIx for yourself. You can download the Alpha version at this link:

Deja IIx (version 2.0a1)

Be sure the read the notes that come with it. There are definitely issues that aren’t addressed, but it does generally run and is completely OS X native.

My goal was to spend this week giving Deja IIx enough attention so that folks could start playing with it and most things worked.

While it won’t get as much attention after this week, the issues left can be addressed in smaller chunks of time. So progress will slow down from the pace of this week, but it will continue.

5 Replies to “Moonbase Alpha”

  1. Appleworks launches. The screen is all gibberish. I must not have a correct font installed. Is there a correct font?

  2. Let me clarify my previous comment, Appleworks launches to opening splash screen. It is gibberish but the pattern is correct. It does not try to load Timeout or get to the main menu. Just stuck at opening screen.

  3. Deja IIx doesn’t use fonts, so there is nothing to install. Can you send me an email with a screenshot of the gibberish? Also some machine/ OS details.

  4. Mark,

    I don’t actually see a clickable link to download the latest alpha in your latest blog post. I sure wouldn’t mind playing with it. Your Pal, Warren Ernst. (Brain hurt from that?)

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