After an attack of the most subtle bugs in the JMP (Addr,x) command, which AppleWorks happens to use, we have success. The emulator was calculating the address incorrectly and so the program kept crashing. This is more than just launching. It is running.

But it’s not quite ready for prime time. There are a couple outstanding issues that I want to address before I let it out into the wild (even as an alpha).

  1. Uppercase Inverse text issue. This is related to the MouseText issue. The result is inverted uppercases in menus, etc.
  2. Cursor. The cursor is not blinking at all right now.
  3. Performance. I need to make some adjustments to make the program more usable and responsive to the user. Also, I want to reduce the CPU load when possible. This is especially true while waiting for the user to input text. The emulator is going full bore waiting for you to hit a key.