The Six Million Dollar Screen

See, we’re not done yet. We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

I’ve just uploaded a new version:

Version 2.0a6

I found a case where the CPU could still get ramped up, even when nothing was happening (around 20% of the CPU being used). That’s fixed now. Anyone using Monitor (in your Utilities folder) will find that Deja IIx quickly spins down when not in use or when waiting for you.

Screen Scrolling is improved. In a5, any part of the screen that needed to be scrolled was essentially redrawn. It now actually scrolls the screen and only draws the new content.

Prodos calls can now be logged. Not all parameters are shown yet, but that’ll be next. It does show the command and whether an error was returned.

The emulator should now stop everything if it encounters a BRK or unknown opcode.