Show me the Open-Apple!

Yes, there is a new release — finally. The new code includes a completely redone display engine. The new display should give the same or better performance in display and scrolling. More importantly, the new display should work correctly on Leopard (the previous release did not) and should handle resolution independence.

What else has changed?

1. The interface has gone minimal. The Action Palette is gone in favor of an Action drawer which you can toggle on when you need it.

2. Scaling is no longer an option. Scaling can really slow things down in a major way, so it’s gone for now (but I’m still researching how I can increase the display size w/o too much of a performance hit).

3. Color preferences changed to be a bit more WYSIWYG.

4. Under Preferences > ProDOS paths, Deja IIx now looks for AppleWorks folders and provides a complete list (great if you’ve got multiple). No more typing in paths to change which AppleWorks folder you want.

The newest download can be had at Version 2.0 (A16).