Come Scale Away..

Another release is here and scaling is back (at least for the time being). In fact, you can scale from 1.0 -> 2.0x in virtually any increment.

Added Sparkle for easy, auto-updating.
You can now toggle the DebugMode on/off w/o restarting.
Selecting the AppleWorks is done under its own tab in preferences.
And fixed some resizing issues for a future OS release. 🙂

Known issues:

There are a couple very strange bugs lurking. If Deja IIx crashes, you’ve likely found the bug.

Trying to use TimeOut Utilities for anything but Configuring can cause Deja IIx to crash.
Removing changed files from a desktop with many files may cause a crash as well.

You can download the latest release with the new permanent link on the right column.

Latest version: 2.0a17