Yes, I think I have finally conquered the bank-switching issues that were causing lots and lots of problems. Previous attempts accomplished about 90% of what I needed, but getting that last 10% to work definitely took another 90% of the time.

I’ve also disabled to Native patching of the SANE math code used in AppleWorks. Apparently there is a format that is not currently supported and thus returns incorrect results (particularly for TimeOut Measurements). I hope to either support the unknown format (assuming I can find documentation) or allow users to toggle the native code on and off.

Again, you can use the auto-update feature or download using the link on the right.

Latest Release: Deja IIx 2.0a20

3 Replies to “Finally?”

  1. Thanks…

    It’s really going to be useful when I start going through and copying many, many disks worth of data from 3.5″ disks to my Mac.

    Would like to see the page up/page down keys on my keyboard mapped to open-apple up arrow/open-apple down arrow. Unless there’s a way to turn this on already.

    And something that’d likely be more difficult. I’d like to print to something like an RTF file, where I could keep formatting intact. Don’t care about fonts or anything like that, but tabs stops would be nice, and underline/bold/whatever would be best.

  2. Some great ideas, keep them coming. It helps to better know what it is folks are looking to get out of Deja IIx (besides the nostalgia factor).

    Not all things are possible, but many are. 🙂

  3. As Mark is aware and hopefully researching a solution, transcendental functions in the spreadsheet and database do NOT work. Use Appleworks in a Apple2 emulator if you need these types of functions. Otherwise, AW classic is doing well with the latest Deja IIx versons.

    Congrats to Mark Munz. He rules!

    –Steven Nelson, Iowa city, IA

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