HIRES Root beer for all

I was almost ready to give up. After hours and hours of walking through code, I just could not find what I knew to be a very subtle change that was causing Deja IIx to fail (when the original Deja ][ did not).

I decided to spend a few more hours on it. In the course of things to come, I ended up more accurately emulating the Language card bank switching (which turns out wasn’t the problem). I also managed to find some PDF’s that include the original Apple II reference manuals (boy I could have used those a while back).

So, what was this elusive bug? It turns out that TimeOut (and possibly AW) were expecting the Hi-Res pages to get switched in/out correctly, not for graphics, but for data management. I had forgotten to process the Hi-Res bank-switching correctly.

Time working on this bug : several days
Lines need to be added : about 10
Knowing this bug is squashed : Priceless

Latest version is available with link on upper right of blog. If you have 2.0a17, you can use the check for updates to automatically update your software.

Latest version: 2.0a18