JMP $48B4

I have managed to load APLWORKS.SYSTEM into memory and execute the first instruction (again). There are still some pieces not fleshed out in the ProDOS handling, but you got start somewhere.

More importantly, I’m finishing up the work on a new debugger which will allow me to step through the Apple II instructions, set breakpoints, view memory and disassemble the code. The Apple II debugger code is about 80% complete. The Apple II debugger is a necessary part to validate that everything is working (and track down the code if it is not).

Also, I was having some inconsistencies with the 65c02 emulator code I found, so I reverted back to the more stable 6502 emulator (I’ll add the needed 65c02 instructions myself).

Two steps forward, one step back.

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  1. There were a lot of people at KFest who’re very interested in using this once you’re finished, Mark. Even “two steps forward, one back” is getting us closer to using AW again. Thanks again for working on this for all of us!

  2. Ditto for interest from others than the KFest attendees.

    Is the debugger only for getting Deja//x running, or also for debugging in Appleworks? Deja ][ under MacOS couldn’t execute part of Randy Brandt’s ‘TotalControl’ that was incorporated into Appleworks5: works fine on real II, but fails on Deja][. Maybe //x will fix that. Details muach later on when you’re ready to tackle the little stuff.

    Good luck!

  3. The original debugger for Deja ][ was designed mainly for testing.

    This time around, I plan to make the debugger available. Obviously it would only be for folks that knew what they were doing.

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